Waffle Zip Growsuit - White

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Our Waffle Zip Growsuits are made out of 75% cotton, 20% polyester & 5% spandex are the best summer basic you will find. They are extremely lightweight and come with inbuilt cuffs that can be folded down to cover the hands.

Please note the sizing has unfortunately been manufactured incorrectly so please follow the measurements below

Available in two other colours: Chocolate & Tan

Size Body Length Leg Length Arm Length Chest Circumference
NB 34cm 14cm 16cm 18cm
0-3M 36cm 14cm 20cm 21cm
3-6M 42cm 14cm 22cm 22cm
6-12M 46cm 15cm 26cm 24cm
1Y 49cm 18cm 28cm 25cm
2Y 50cm 18cm 30cm 27cm