Lounge Suit - Blue Stripe

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Our latest drop of lounge suits, inspired by the iconic style of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! These nostalgic outfits bring a fun, retro vibe to your child's wardrobe, perfect for playtime or lounging at home. Available in four vibrant colour ways — Burgundy, Mustard, Green, and Blue—each set features a striking cream/butter base that makes the colours pop. Let your kids step back in time with these stylish and comfortable lounge suits!

50% cotton and 50% Spandex

Size Guide Bust Length Cuff Shoulder to crotch
NB 30cm 48.5cm 10.5cm 37cm
0-3M 32cm 51.5cm 11cm 38cm
3-6M 34cm 54.5cm 11.5cm 39.5cm
6-12M 38cm 60.5cm 12.5cm 42.5cm
1Y 40cm 64.5cm 13cm 46cm
2Y 42cm 68.5cm 13.5cm 47.5cm
3Y 44cm 78.5cm 14cm 52cm
4Y 46cm 88.5cm 14.5cm 57cm
5Y 48cm 98.5cm 15cm 60cm