5 Pack - Denim Patches

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Introducing a unique twist to our latest collection—a fun 90's throwback with classic iron-on patches! You and your little ones will love the creativity and customisation these patches bring. The set includes 5 vibrant patches: a smiley face, a star, a cherry, a tape cassette, and a band-aid. Easily iron them onto any denim piece, allowing you to personalise your child's style exactly how you like it. Let the fun and nostalgia begin!

With any denim order, you will receive a complimentary CB patch. If you would like to purchase additional patches, you can add them here!

Patch Instructions: 
1. Place the patch at the target location, heat the iron to about 150℃, iron it with a little force for 15-20 seconds, and let it cool. Please note that the iron is hot.
2. It is recommended to put a piece of cotton cloth on the patch to prevent the high temperature from damaging the embroidery thread.
3. Do not turn on the steam function when ironing. The steam contains moisture and the glue on the back is easy to lose its stickiness.
4. If you are worried about falling off, you can use sewing to reinforce it. If you want to use it on sweaters/leather/mesh/smooth or rough fabrics, it is recommended to use stitching to fix it.